Local Craft Beers

Wild Clover Brewery

Double Owl English Brown Ale
Their flagship beer is the Double Owl, an English style Brown Ale. The malt and hops used in this beer is in perfect balance and the nose reveals a fresh citrus character. On the pallet it has the typical nuttiness of the hops and the yeast that will linger for quite some time after the last sip of this perfectly brewed artisan ale.

Black Dog Smokey Irish Porter
The Black Dog is a typical Irish black beer with smokiness on the nose and coffee and chocolate on the pallet. With its slightly sweet character this is a fantastic winter beer and tastes best when paired with meat dishes, baked deserts or just quality dark chocolate. Only bittering hops is used in the brewing process - this allows for the smokiness and the chocolate and coffee aromas to compliment the beer. The Black Dog is at its best when served a little warmer than most beers, at around 12°C.

Blind Mole Crispy German Pils
The Blind Mole is a light, refreshing and crispy Lager style for those hot, long lazy summer days. Brewed with the well-known Saaz hops this beer reveals fresh tropical flavours and has a slight but well balanced bitterness that stimulates the palate. The Blind Mole has a higher level of carbonation than our other beers and is at its best when served very cold.

Fish Eagle Fruity Belgian Wit
Fish Eagle Belgian Wit is brewed in the style of a Belgian wheat beer (also called Weiss in Germany). A traditional wheat beer is normally an Ale whereas the Wit is brewed as a Lager. This is to ensure a light easy drinking beer that will find appeal to men and women alike. The Fish Eagle has the typical fruity character of a Weiss beer, with a strong banana undertone. It is served very cold and with slightly higher carbonation.

Darling Breweries-Western Cape

Darling Slow Beer 550ml - An Extreme lager with a rich golden colour. Refreshing with a real hops flavor and rounding off with a mild bitterness. A great thirst quenching beer for those long summer days.

Darling Gypsy Mask 550ml - An assertive rusty brown ale with plenty spicey hopping. An impressive beer leaving your mouth filled with a range of flavours. It leaves you feeling like you have tasted something special. (4% Alc)

Darling Bone Crusher 550ml- A bottle conditioned frosted Wit beer with a distinctive candied orange nose. Edgy and refreshing in taste with all the spicy richness and finishes with a lingering bitterness.

Darling Black Mist 550ml- A brooding bottle conditioned blacker than black ale which bellows out roasted beckonings. Sexy singed grains coat the palate inviting you to take another sip.

Darling Silverback 550mlAn intelligently smooth “Black Wit” a new black wheat styled beer. Silky and soft in the mouth and incredibly easy to savour at all times. (4% alcohol)

Darling Rogue Pony Pale Ale 550ml - A not too edgy pale ale with a mild body and a hint of straw and honey on the palate. This all combines in an easy drinking, balanced to perfection to beer. (5% alc.)

Darling Sun Gazer Light Lager 550ml - A flavourful light lager with medium aromas and faint floral undertones. Great sporting beer. (2.6% alc.)

Darling Thunder Bird Indian Pale Ale - A generous Indian Pale Ale bursting with juicy citrus flavours. The beer is well defined and leaves a lingering sensation with an easy drinking temperament. (6.5% alc-45 Ibu)

Triggerfish-Western Cape

Triggerfish Bonito 330ml- A clear light yellow color with a high, good lacing, creamy, white head. An aroma of malt, vegetable, spice and fruit.the taste is medium sweet. A medium body, oily texture, soft carbonation and a medium long finish.

Triggerfish Hammerhead IPA 330ml- Hammerhead is a well – balanced IPA with a distinct hop character that imparts mild citrus and pine aromas and significant bitterness balanced with a solid malt backbone. Caramel, raisin and dried fruit are characteristic of the malts used in Hammerhead. The working name on this beer was Hammer(ed) (Hop) Head and probably describes it well.

Triggerfish Ocean Potion Pale Ale 330ml- A light ale with a huge hop aroma. Focus is on hops with a complex malt base. This beer is all about the aroma and flavor. Style: American Pale ale ABV 5.4% malts: Pale, crystal, M%unich hops: Galena, Centennial, citra Color: 7 SRM original gravity: 1.057 Bitterness: 28 IBU

Triggerfish Roman Red American ale 330ml- Roman is a full bodied red or amber ale. Our introduction to fuller body and more hops the beer strikes a balance between sweetness and caramel flavor from the crystal malts and hop bitterness with typical pine and citrus aromas associated with North Western hop varieties.

Triggerfish Empowered Stout 330ml- Empowered Stout is a complex full bodied English sweet stout. This beer gets its malty complexity and color from a combination of five different malts and two hop varieties. Coffee, dark chocolate, dried fruit, raisins and licorice in the aroma with detectable sweetness balanced by the bitterness derived from the hops and roasted malts. This beer is best enjoyed at around 11 degrees Celsius and pairs well with meat dishes or dark chocolate.

Triggerfish Sweetlips Blonde Ale 330ml- Sweetlips is a light blonde brewed with two malt varieties the beer is light dry and refreshing with some sweet biscuit malt and subtle fruit flavor. It is very lightly hopped and never bitter. An excellent choice on warm summer days.

Triggerfish Black Marlin Russian Imperial Stout 660ml-Black Marlin pours pitch black with a dense tan head. A wild winter beer powerful in aroma and taste Complexity comes from 7 different malts, 3 hops and a touch of our own South African trecle. Coffee, dark chocolate, aniseed, dark fruit and caramel in the aroma prepares you for the big taste and lingering bitter finish. This beer is best enjoyed at around 11°C and pairs well with rich warm deserts and dark chocolate. Black Marlin ages well and is a must have in your beer cellar. ABV: 9.9

Triggerfish Crazy Diamond 750ml- The second collaboration between Andre De Beer and Eric Van Heerden Stretches the boundaries of local craft beer.This Belgian Double IPA
releases a taste explosion that has to be experienced. The Cullinan and Somerset West versions each has their own character and should be tasted to understand the impact
of variations in process on the same recipe.

Birkenhead Brewery-Western Cape

Birkenhead- Pride old English bitter 330ml- Taste the biscuits and nuts, rounded off with fresh bitterness. Very hoppy flavor and a smooth,warming aftertaste. Full bodied malt flavor enhanced by a thick, wheat-derived head. All Birkenhead beers are filtered and pasteurized. And have a 9 month shelf life.

Birkenhead Honey blonde ale 330ml- All Birkenhead beers are filtered and pasteurized and have a 9 month shelf life. She loves an ice cold glass with a slice of lemon or lime. A great companion to enjoy spicy food with. She is great no matter what the occasion. Malty with a sweet finish.

Birkenhead Pilsner 330ml- This pilsner is slow brewed to perfection, with the same quality of ingredients as the premium lager, and still refreshing and vibrant to the last drop.

Boston Brewery-Western Cape

Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale 440ml - This unique blend of pumpkin, coriander, butternut, cinnamon and nutmeg is a complex mix full with flavor. It is a rich blend of unusual ingredients that leave you wanting more.

Naked Mexican 440ml - A sparkling golden lager with a pure white head imported malt combined with subtle hop flavors creates a perfect refreshing experience. A beer that is pure and naked with nothing to hide.

Johnny Gold Weiss Beer 440ml - It is slightly sweet and fruity, with a full body. It has a typical hefeweizen taste produced by Bavarian yeast. Strong clove and banana flavors with hints of vanilla. Johnny Gold Weiss is very lightly hopped leaving almost no bitterness. Bottle conditioning gives it a typical cloudy appearance.

Loaded Canon- With an alcohol content of 10% it is one the strongest beer brewed in South Africa, the most defining character however is its flavour. It is dark red in colour, has a thick creamy head, and a strong malty character.

Whale Tale Ale 440ml- A malty pale ale with a crisp, easy-drinking. There are notes of biscuit, raisin, grain and bread, but it is mostly an easy-drinking ale to enjoy in the sun and use to convert mainstream beer drinkers to a mild ale.

Black River Coffee Stout 440ml- The Black River Coffee Stout is brewed in Cape Town, and has notes of coffee and some citrus on the nose, carrying through onto the palate. The finish is light with some bitterness.

Devils Peak Brewery-Western Cape

Devils Peak First Light Golden Ale 440ml - A beer style for all seasons and occasions. Light in body with a good malt and hop balance, and altogether very “more-ish”. What you would call a session beer.

Devils Peak Woodhead Amber Ale - Like an American pale ale with more body, more caramel richness, and a balance more towards malt than hops.

Devils Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA - An Unclear orange yellow color with small off white head. An aroma malt citrus. The taste is light bitter. A medium body , oily texture, soft carbonation and a medium long hoppy finish. The dry hopping of this beer gives that little extra that makes this IPA really nice.

Devils Peak Silvertree Saison- A refreshing, medium fruity/spicy ale with a distinctive yellow-orange color, highly carbonated, well hopped, and dry with a quenching acidity.

Devils Peak English Ale 440ml- Good malt aromas including lightly roasted hints of caramel and some mocha. Moderate to low levels of ester aromas with earthy/savoury hop aromas derived from the European hop varieties.Good balance between the malt characters, fruity esters and the low to medium level of bitterness provide a full palate with a lasting dry finish.

Devils Peak American Pale Ale 440ml- Pronounced fruity hop aroma ranging from citrus to tropical fruits complimented by a medium roasted malt aroma. Light in alcohol and body with a refreshing, full, fruit profile.Good fruit entry with a light body and a dry light lingering bitterness.

Standeaven Brewery-KZN

Bohemian Pilsner Slightly cloud, light gold colour.Thin off-white head with good lacing. Vegetable, hops and light malt on the nose, with a dry,high hop bitterness on the palate and very light malt. 4% alc

Press Club Stout Very dark red, close to black. Large frothy, tan coloured head. Coffee and cocoa on the nose, with hearty,roasted coffee and chocolate flavours on the palate, and a creamy carbonation.4% alc

African Pale Ale For a pale ale, this beer is balanced but leans toward the malt side and is relatively low in bitterness according to the style. The red and amber malts give the impression that this beer is close to an amber ale as well as the notes of sweet biscuit and caramel. The crisp, dry finish and well-carbonated mouthfeel make this beer very popular with the folk in Durban where it is brewed and consumed as a session ale. 4% alc

Hefe Weizen 440ml Large, frothy, long-lasting head.Strong vegetable and tart aromas on the nose, with a light sweetness balanced by citrus and light bitterness on the palate with medium carbonation. 4% alc

Lakeside Beerworks-Western Cape

Red Ochre Ale - An ale with roots in Ireland and its subtle roasted caramel like mouth feel. Overtones of caramel derived from crystal malt coupled with enough hops(IBU 22)to leave a slight lingering bitterness.

Hefeweizen- This is an award winning cloudy German style wheat beer. Hefe means yeast and weizen wheat- literally a yeasty wheat beer. Predominant flavours of banana and hints of bubblegum on the nose prolifirate, with clove on the tongue and a crisp finish.

American Pale Ale Not your typical insipid pale ale. Mildly hopped (36 IBU),with a rich malty backbone and accompanied by a graet hop precence. A great honey flavour derived from Munich Malt.

Citizen-Western Cape

Alliance American Amber Ale 440ml - Alliance is a beer in the American Amber Ale style. It is an easy drinking beer with a smooth mouth feel, slight bitterness followed by caramel flavours from the malt, and a subtle dry finish.

Alliance Saboteur English IPA 440ml - The Saboteur is a light bodied copper-coloured beer with a spicy moderate bitterness followed by toast and toffee tones , finishing with a lingering spicy hop flavour.

Alliance Diplomat 440ml Medium-light bodied with a clear, golden colour. Light, frothy white head. Initially quite bitter, with spicy, floral flavours from the Saaz hops that smoothes out with slightly sweet malt flavour, and a clean dry finish.
5.5% ABV

Cape Brewing Company

CBC Pilsner-A Craft Pilsner with a strong hop aroma and nice bitter finish.

CBC Lager-A crisp, hoppy and generous Craft Lager.

CBC Krystal Weiss- A Craft Krystal Weiss, clear-filtered weissbier, with an elegant twist of lemon and grapefruit.

CBC Amber Weiss- A German-style Craft Amber Weissbier. Fruity and satisfyingly aromatic.

Red Sky Brewing Co. - Western Cape

Red Sky Goshawk Gluten Free Beer A first of its kind for South Africa! Red Sky’s Gluten Free beer is brewed in a Pale Ale style, using a combination of both Sorghum and Maize malts. This beer has strong passion fruit and litchi notes on the nose and palate. A surprising bitterness, which is naturally found from the Sorghum, comes through. The beer has a low malt profile, however is strong in fruity flavour, light in colour, often with a pinkish hue. A very easy drinking beer, great for hot summer days!

Red Sky Tweety Bird Amber Ale A typically brewed American Amber Ale. The beer has fresh citrus notes on the nose which follow through onto the palate, backed by a medium malt body and relatively strong bitterness. American hops are used in the brew contributing to its citrus flavour profile, while caramel malts bring through a slight sweetness.

Red Sky Warhawk Red AleRed Sky Brew’s flagship brew! Made in an Irish Red Ale style, the beer has a good malty body with low hop bitterness, making it smooth and easy on the palate. Its perfect red hue, compliments its subtle toasted and chocolate flavours, while still being an easy drinking session beer.

Gallows Hill Brewing Co.

Gallows Hill Pale Ale For this Pale Ale the bittering levels (IBU) fairly restrained, but maximised hop flavour using a hop bursting technique and a bit of dry hopping. Thanks to the Sorachi Ace hops the beer has a very distinct lemon aroma and taste, complimented by the citrus, pine & tropical fruit notes provided by the Simcoe hops.

Gallows Hill IPA For this India Pale Ale brewers have gone more heavy-handed with the hops. The result is a balanced beer with high bittering levels, ample hop character and a fair amount of alcohol to work with the hops. Super Galena hops provide the clean, somewhat citrusy, bitterness backbone to the beer and the Zythos hop blend brings notes of tangerine, lemon, grapefruit and pine to the mix.

Apollo Brewery - Western Cape

Apollo Blonde Ale (18 IBUs, 10 EBC, 4.5% abv.)Ideal for beer drinkers looking for a light, easy-drinking style of beer, yet still packing plenty of flavour. Refreshing, citrusy & light bodied, this will appeal to the majority of beer drinkers.

Apollo Amber Ale (33 IBUs, 30 EBC, 5.0% abv.)Suited for beer drinkers looking for depth & flavour. Medium-full bodied with biscuity caramel malt notes & smooth finish. A great integration of flavours & aromas achieved by a high rate of speciality malts & late fruity hop addition. A favourite amongst whiskey drinkers.

Apollo India Pale Ale (50 IBUs, 20 EBC, 5.3% abv.)A South African take on IPA, using a combination of American, European & South African ingredients. This beer boasts intense citrusy, spicy & fruity hops well balanced on a caramel-malty backbone. A hoppy, moderately strong pale ale with a smooth, satisfying aromatic finish.

Apollo Stout (32 IBUs, 75 EBC, 4.0% abv.)The darkest of Apollo’s offerings, this beer has aromas of rich malt, coffee & cocoa. A light yet full-flavoured, roasty, bitter, creamy ale offering a pleasant café palate experience. This beer is best consumed extra cold!

Long Beach Brewery - Western Cape

Long Beach Bombshell(Blonde Ale) This is a Belgium style Blonde ale, with a South African twist. The aroma displays typical warm, honey tones, but the tropical notes of local hops (Southern Passion) add a passion fruit layer. These flavours follow through on the palate, and the low bitterness makes this a great all rounder for all beer drinkers. A real session beer.

Long Beach Green Room(India Pale Ale) This ale is true to style, produced on the lower range of IBU’s, to make the beer more accessible (less bitter). It has a great aroma balance of fruit and malt, with a full bodied palate packed with hoppiness. Local hops add the tropical notes.

Long Beach Deep Water(Porter) This Porter fills the gap between a dark ale and a stout. It’s creamier and richer than an ale, but not as heavy, or smoky as a stout. Expect to find coffee and chocolate notes on the aroma and palate, with a smooth velvety finish. Designed to be enjoyed chilled in Summer, or room temperature in Winter.

Wild Beast Brewing Co.-Western Cape

Wild Beast Blonde Ale 550ml A honey gold beer topped with a creamy foam, unfiltered and slightly hazy. This beer is a blend of four malts and two hop varieties. A beer for breakfast, malty as opposed to hoppy with a perfect balance between fruitiness and bitterness.

Wild Beast Amber Ale 550ml A dark copper colour. A fruity nose gives way to well balanced flavours of roasted malt with undertones of fresh hops. Imported speciality malts give a smokiness with fruity American west coast hops bringing freshness, balance and bitterness to the palate. A beer for a braai!

Striped Horse

Striped Horse Pilsner Striped Horse craft beer combines European expertise and African enthusiasm to bring you premium beverages born of passion and brewed with personality. This pilsner is complex, with a hoppy nose and balanced bitterness on the finish, perfect for pairing with food.Light yellow in colour, large forthy white head, malt sweetness and hops on the nose, with a well balanced flavour which has a bitter finish.

Striped Horse Lager This lager pairs a layered malt complexity with perfectly balanced hops to create textured, yet easy drinking, refreshment - the ultimate African thirst quencher. Light golden yellow in colour,Large foamy white head, Aroma of malty sweetness and a hint of citrus, with a malt flavour and a slight bitterness on the palate.

Aegir Projects

Aegir Extra Pale Uil 440ml - With an ABV of 3.8% and a dry, clean finish, this session beer suits thirsty summer afternoons in the sun.

Aegir Red Rye 440ml - A twisted version of classic rye beer. Brewed with a complex mix of grains and perfectly balanced. (4.5% Alc)

Aegir California Steamin’ 440ml Made with Northern brewer hops, California Steamin’ is a stylish hybrid between lager & ale. Slightly bitter with a dry finish. (4.5% alc.)

Aegir Giant IPA 440ml A heavy hitter, indian pale ale it is characteristically hoppy but balanced with tones of malt. (6.0% alc.)

Aegir Porter 440ml - A classic full-bodied porter based on a recipe from 1836 found in secret archive. A robust beer that is perfect for winter drinking. (5.0% alc.)

Imported Beer

Brewers & Union Unfiltered Lager 500ml- An industrial brewer simply could not make a beer like this. Unfiltered, unpasteurized and bursting with flavor, it has phenomenal body and freshness. Hazy to the eye, and full on the palate.

Steph Weiss 500ml - Liquid sunshine. Delicate, smooth and creamy, our wheat beer is a true and traditional unfiltered Bavarian weiss. Our signature yeast is gloriously expressed in intriguing aromas of vanilla and clove. STEPH WEISS is liquid velvet…

Berne Unfiltered Amber Lager 500ml - The unfiltered amber lager is an old, rare,and rather unique German beer style. Wholesome and buttery, with toasty, bready malts and hints of caramel and toffee. Berne is a smooth and naturally cloudy beer with grassy hops that deliver subtle balance to the palate. Malty yet dry, simple yet elegant.

Brewers & Union Dark Lager 500ml- Very drinkable, dry and beautifully hopped, yet rich and complex and loaded with dark roasted malt flavor. Dark lager is smooth, relatively light in body, but bursting with character. The hearty taste and seductive burnt color come from the depth of the roasted barley.

Brewers & Union Sunday easy IPA 500ml The golden, hazy orange pour intimates the undertones of tangerine, orange peel and grapefruit before greeting the palate with a rich malt presence. The finish is pure citrusy, resiny, HOPPY LOVELINESS. 5,5% ABV

Brewers & Union Handwerk All day IPA 500ml* Its hazy copper pour hints at notes of baked apricot and wild honey. The soft carbonation leads you to a lingering fruity, malt, herbal-hoppy finish. 5,5% ABV

Brewers & Union Beast of the Deep 500ml A tropical-fruit aroma greets you with a creamy, smooth mouthfeel and an almost honey-like character before the biscuity, chewy malt backbone coats your palate with a smooth richness. The finish is elegant and dry. 6,5% ABV

Brewers & Union Bavaria 500mlSent off to remove the alcohol via a patented vacuum process. The result is refreshingly surprising & its all-natural isotonic properties make it the perfect sports drink.0,4% ABV

Touro Tripel Blonde 660ml - A wickedly rich strong blonde ale with a creamy palate and a fruity, spicy, malt flavor. Huge and complex, this golden beauty is brewed with three time the normal amount of barley and is re-fermented in the bottle.

Versus Goliath Amber Lager 330ml - The copper-colored amber lager is full of toasty, malty flavor, yet balanced and complex. Hints of vanilla, caramel and toffee are deftly countered by grassy hops to deliver a delightfully crisp, dry finish.

Duvel 330ml - Duvel has a fruity aroma, owed to the finest hops. Its dry but still alcohol-sweet flavor makes the beer an excellent thirst quencher, a pronounced hop aroma. Thanks to the balance between a fine aroma and subtle bitterness, this beer occupies a unique position in the rich Belgian beer tradition.

Duvel Triple Hop 2014 By using three instead of two hop varieties to brew, additional hop aromas are obtained and an increased bitterness is achieved
The typical Duvel palate is enriched with Mosaic hops providing fresh notes of lemon, blackcurrant and earthy pine,Mosaic hops are added again during ‘dry-hopping’, extracting additional hop aromas into the beer.The higher aromatic intensity rounds out the beer, backing the final alcohol content of 9.5%.

Mardesous Blonde Ale 330ml - A delectable blonde ale with a sprightly fruitiness, soft malting, and a slightly dry, gentle hopped finish. A sparkling nose, complex flavors, and a touch of bitterness give this fine ale all of the refreshing qualities of a Belgian Blonde.

Mardesous Brune 330ml - Has a creamy foaming dark, burgundy color, is easily recognizable by its expressive aroma bouquet. A generous caramel bouquet is completed with masterly fruit touches.

Mardesous Tripel 330ml - A golden-bodied Belgian Tripel, redolent with festive sparkle, creamy body, and a luscious head. Its elegant smoothness belies the strong alcohol content. You’ll revel in its balanced, long and warming finish.

Erdinger Weissbier 500ml - Erdinger has a medium gold color, with lots of swirling yeast haze in the glass. The nose is really quite clean, crisp and citrussy, with a little hint of yeastiness and grass, but rather neutral overall. On the palate the texture is creamy and dense, and this is a very smooth, sleek, tasty beer.

Erdinger Alcohol-Free Wheat Beer 500ml - Crisp, earthy aroma of hops this wheat beer is full of flavor. It is isotonic, vitamin-rich and calorie reduced. Erdinger is a premium alcohol-free beer which is free of chemical additives and brewed in strict accordance with the Bavarian Purity law of 1516 – using just water, malt, hops and yeast.

Erdinder Dunkel 500ml - Erdinger Weissbier ‘dark’ is a rich and smooth wheat beer specialty from erdinger Weissbrau. It owes its full-bodied flavor to the fine hops and dark malt used in its production. The dark beer specialty is brewed according to an age old recipe. Its spicy flavor also results from the increased proportion (about 13%)of original wort.

Paulaner 500ml - cloudy and straw colored, gain clarity as it warms, but tastes best cold. Smell – delicious wheat that doesn’t overpower. Taste- also delicious, very crisp and not too much malt presence – something that I think Americans hefes struggle with. Mouthfeel – smooth, perfect, avoid dead yeast at all cost. Overall – a great example of what wheat can contribute to an already exceptional beer.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen 330ml - the pale pilsen is what’s more commonly known as a pilsner beer. While many pilsner beers have quite a bitter taste (usually due to the large amount of hops in the beer), the San Miguel pale pilsen is a little sweeter and crisper than your normal pilsner. This is done to give a similar taste as a pilsner but makes it a bit easier to drink. San Miguel achieves this by adding fewer hops to the beer. It has a malty aroma which can also be tasted as another major characteristic of the beers flavor and a light to medium body. It has a pale golden color (hence the “pale”)with a small off-white head. Its is also softly carbonated to keep it an easy to drink summer beer. (Out of Stock)

Liefmans Fruitesse 250ml - Liefmans fruitesse is a unique, fresh beer blend – maturing for 18 months on the cherries in the liefmans cellars-which is artfully blended with natural juices of cherry, bilberry, elderberry strawberry & raspberry. The result is a fruity pleasantly sweet, sparkling and refreshing beer with a soft foam head.

Vedette Blond 330ml a blond, light, well-hopped premium beer with 5.2% alcohol content, is the cult Duvel Moortgat beer today: following its birth in 1945, it quickly acquired fame and recognition within an intimate circle of insiders in the Antwerp-Brussels region. Vedett is alternative, not too serious, combines retro, modern and design.

Vedette White 330ml Only natural ingredients - such as wheat, barley, hops, coriander and dried orange peel are used in the brewing. To develop the taste pallet, the beer is bottle conditioned for several weeks. An expertise Duvel Moortgat is world renowned for. The beer is bottled unfiltered, keeping all natural goodness inside.

La Chouffe 330ml Brasserie D’Achouffe is nestled in the rolling green hills in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes mountains, a location rumored to be the mystical home to the Chouffe gnomes. Founded in 1982, the specialty beers of Achouffe have gained acclaim and passionate loyalty in many countries worldwide.
The flagship product is La Chouffe a hazy, golden-blonde ale with a distinctive flavor of fresh fruits and beguiling hoppiness.

De Koninck 330ml This amber-coloured top-fermented beer has an accessible taste and a low alcohol content. Brewed in the traditional way using water, yeast, 100% pure malt and pure hops, a completely natural beer. De Koninck uses organic Saaz-Saaz hops from the Czech Republic, natural barley and without the addition of maize or brewing sugars. One thing is certain, this delicious specialty beer is the ideal thirst quencher. The shape of the glass in which De Koninck is served gave the beer the name “bolleke koninck”.Very often this is how you will hear the beer ordered in Europe.

Bornem Dubbel DoubleSoft as velvet, this double with warm darkbrown colour and burgundy undertones has a fruity taste and hoppy after taste. Its creamy, rich and firm foam head crowns it. Few other dark doubles can match this Bornem Double. The dark double is often served with meat dishes, such as steaks, roasted meat, wild or even sausages.

Carolus Gouden Classic 330ml Brewed with dark, very well-balanced malts according to the classical infusion method. The aromatic malts and high fermentation process combines the warm roundness of wine with the light freshness of beer. Because of its high density of 19° Plato, the Gouden Carolus Classic is classified under ‘special beers’. It’s also highly appropriate for culinary purposes like stew, game and even sabayon. De-li-cious! (Also available in 750ml)

Celis White 250ml Is a white wheat top-fermented beer with a touch of fruit and herbs. If served cold, it gets a blurred white appearance and a suprising light taste. This delicious white beer got all the time it needs to develop.

Delirium Tremens 330ml Feels like the sound shot of alcohol is igniting the mouth. In reality the tongue and palate are warmed. The taste is characterized by its roundness. The aftertaste is strong, long-lasting and dry bitter. (Also available in 750ml)

Delirium Nocturnum 330ml A very good mouthfeel of alcohol and softness. This is followed by an increasing bitterness, partially from the hop, but also from the roasted malt and chocolate malt. Towards the end a nice balance between bitterness, sour and sweet.

Floris Fraise 330ml Is a fruity Witbier with top-fermentation. It has a strong presence of strawberries. It is a very mild beer that has a sweet fruity taste with a slight bitter touch.

Gulden Draak 330ml It is a dark triple, which in itself makes it an exceptional beer. But it is the complex taste with hints of caramel, roasted malt and coffee in combination with the creamy hazel head that makes it unique.(Also available in 750ml)

Gulden Draak Quadruple 330ml The extremely rich and complex taste sensation and the stable beer head can also be found in the Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple. The sweet caramel touches, however, are still reserved for the Gulden Draak. With addition of extra malt, The new recipe, on basis of 3 different kinds of malt added in a volume of 4 times the content in lager, provide the Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple with a deep golden amber colour and a fruity scent. Together with the smooth and subtle sweet taste ensures this a wonderfully accomplished bouquet.

Lindemans Kriek 250ml Has a pink-red color and a delicious taste of sparkling cherry champagne.(Also available in 750ml

Piraat Ale 330ml Fruity, spicy, complex aroma and flavor. A sweet palate is followed by low hop bitterness, evident coriander-like spiciness and a titillating alcoholic blast reminiscent of Flemish fantasies.

La Guillotine 330ml Golden blond, multigrain beer with a very persistent, lacing head. A complex smell, with a citrus aroma, followed by hop aromas such as Saaz, Brewers Gold and Amarillo.Initially rather sweet, because of the alcohol. The intense taste and roundness mask the presence of high bitterness.

If you’re looking for those other beers, we have them too.